Sunday, 20 December 2020

Boda Barn Bandung Dec 20

Hi hi, i can't believe that my first post in 2020 is today, 20 Dec 2020! 

It's been a while,  i know, but i will try to continue blogging as much as i can... (well no promises, let's see about that!)

I think everybody knows that 2020 is a very strange year, due to Mr Corona... , but i want to still be grateful that we are all still healthy, have food on the table, and loved ones in our hearts (ciyee..).

So after a long overdue vacation, we decided to memberanikan diri pergi travelling, even though only to Bandung... (while others are brave enough to go Bali...). 

First stop in Bandung is to Boda Barn, di Punclut area. 

Last time we went to D'dieuland i think Boda Barn was not built yet.

The place is cozy, architecture is quite unique.., resembling a "barn", food not too expensive and the view was very nice... When we were there unfortunately the lights were out... :( but luckily we were there before sunrise, so still ok. 

Daniel and Faith started to have an interest in taking photos.. so some of the pics were taken by them.

If you compared my last post in Bali from 2 years ago, you can see that both of them have grown! especially Faith.. she no longer has the "baby" face now.. it's more like a teenager face..

Mommy and daddy also getting older hehehe...

There were many places in Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit) area besides Boda Barn and D'dieuland.., i saw the Dago Bakery was quite nice too resembling a castle... and Sudut Pandang.  If you are in the area, you may want to stroll around first before deciding where to sit because each places offering different style. 

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